My main site may be found at Thank you.

I maintain this one to play with features and comment on blogspot without changing which gmail account I’m logged in as.

welcome home!

Hitchiker, purchased Rhinebeck 2007

my first handspun


(Swallowtail, by Evelyn A. Clark in Interweave Knits, Fall 2006)

first socks

They were such fun to knit!


This is not my main website. I maintain it as a sandbox and for ease in commenting on those who are hosted at and for blogger without switching which google account i'm logged in as. You can find me at

Flickr Photos

Thai Noodle Salad from you guessed it #moosewood daily special cookbook

Year of Making

working at e's office this morning for a change of p(l)ace. with free coffee it was hard to say no! now to finish up some writing.

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